Sustainable Tourism

Our local members are all small, ethical social enterprises with a cost-efficient structure. We offer competitive prices and a high level of service. Importantly, the majority of what you pay goes directly to local communities and family-run businesses.

We are from the local communities, and the co-operatives and organisations we work with, redistribute the income from tourism to create decent jobs and implement sustainable, long lasting solutions to the problems they face. By booking with any of our members, you are directly supporting a practical and socially responsible form of self-reliance.

Through tourism, we help Sri Lanka to maintain the traditional way of life, preserving land and sometimes endangered ecosystems. Our local communities, networks and organisations are committed to environmental conservation.
Our members have been verified by our team and are operating in safe, politically stable environments. Sometimes political situations change, of course, but we monitor things closely and will take all necessary steps to ensure your safety comes first.